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Saturday, November 4th // 6-7:30pm // $15

In the vein of mystical poets like Rumi and Mirabai, Taya Malakian, also known by her spiritual name Gopalpreet, boldly writes from deep in the heart and shares the soulful songs of our collective happiness and sorrows.

In her newest book, The Forgotten Love: Poems of Love & Longing, she shines light into the deepest wounds and calls forth the hope of the truest love.

Join us for the November full moon for an evening moonlight, candles, wine tasting and poetry. Taya will share some of the favorite poems that speak to the magic of living and loving and inspire a deeper desire for awakening.

The Forgotten Love is available at Gather & Mill.  
Explore more poetry at www.tiffanaya.com/blog