Our Story

GATHER & MILL was born out of two friend's desires to establish a beautiful space where community could gather and inspire together.  Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Grass Valley, California, we offer space for workshops of all kinds led by talented and charismatic teachers, artists and professionals; plus, a shop that provides gorgeous textiles, clothing and gift items, consciously chosen to be ethically sustainable.  We also provide our space for special events and celebrations, fundraising dinners, pop-up shops and... anything else that might spark a sense of fun, charity or kinship! 

Please let us know what you have planned, and how we can help make your affair a successful experience by sending us an email, or giving us a call- we'd be happy to hear from you!

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Erica Henderson

Co-Founder & Owner

A collector and vintage lover all her life, Erica loves to bring things back to life; whether it's an old house, a funky dresser or scraps of fabric.  She has an eye for finding gems and seeing beauty in the neglected, discarded & unearthed.

The daughter of artists (her father, a mason & mother, a quilter), Erica was born and raised in the small coastal community of Muir Beach, California, where she grew up surrounded by simplicity and natural elements.  Her family and surroundings have played a huge part in shaping her creative side, and continue to inspire her to this day.

Upon graduating with an MBA in Sustainable Business, she launched Tin Roof Farmhouse as her final thesis, which flourished into her full-time gig.  Now, she's thrilled to bring all of her marketing, merchandising & design experience to GATHER & MILL.  With an eclectic, quirky design sense, she looks forward to curating unique products for the shop and highlighting creatives to inspire the community with workshops. 

GATHER & MILL is the natural next step for Erica to utilize all of her experiences to bring to the foothills community.


Kate White

Co-Founder & Main Photographer for GATHER & MILL

A natural-born artist, Katie is most at peace when she's creating and expressing herself through the arts.  Although she grew up immersed in performance arts (instrumental, acting, singing and dancing), photography is currently her prioritized artistic outlet and profession.

Kate grew up in the beautiful wine country region of Sonoma, California, where her tight-knit community nurtured her passion for authentic kinship and activity.  She moved to the Sierra Foothills in 2011 with her husband (a glass artist) and two children, and immediately fell in love with the creative community and beautiful surroundings, which offers non-stop inspiration and activities for her whole family.

She founded Kathryn White Photography over seven years ago and loves connecting with people and capturing the beauty of life through her camera lens.  Prior to running her photography business, she gained experience in high-end retail, where her talents in design & marketing shined.  She also taught at a children's art academy & theater company.  With all of these combined experiences and connections, Kate is thrilled to apply her skills at GATHER & MILL.

Kelsey Davis


Q & A:

  • What famous person would you like to have lunch with (living or dead)?  Michelle Obama because she is the epitome of poise, and Celine Dion because she is as goofy as she is wickedly talented.
  • What's your spirit animal? A fox (and not for being sly)!  Following an accident, the doctors gave me the nickname Foxtrot, so when I see one now it reminds me that I’m brave & strong.
  • What's your favorite memory?  As a kid my family and I would visit Seattle often, staying on a  secluded island in Puget Sound. The PNW is still one of my favorite places and probably the reason I adore rainy weather.
  • Where would you like to visit?  NYC 
  • What craft or skill would you like to master? I would love to master playing  piano, as well as be a gardening guru. I wasn’t born with the green thumb but I’m learning. 
  • What sign are you? Pisces...and as Pisces as they come!  Intuitive, whimsical, and sensitive with a side of indecisiveness.
  • Where did you grow up?  Raised in Roseville, followed by 8 years in San Diego and 2 in SF. Now, Nevada County is home.
  • What's your favorite song/band/musician?  Well I definitely have a favorite genre: classic soft rock. James Taylor, The Eagles, early Kenny Loggings, John Mellencamp, Cat Stevens (see, Pisces indecisiveness). Odds are I’ll be grooving to one of them in the store!