Join Rosaura from Pigment and Parchment for a morning of learning pointed pen modern calligraphy. This is a very soothing practice that yields beautiful results once you learn how to use the tools!

No experience is needed- we're all beginners in this class. All you need to bring is yourself! 

You'll leave with a full take home kit so you can keep practicing! It includes: worksheets, an oblique pen, a straight pen, a nib, jar of black ink, a notepad, surprises, & tons of different types of paper samples so you can keep practicing at home!

Watercolor Florals Workshop
$50 // 1:00 - 2:15

Join Rosaura from Pigment and Parchment for an afternoon of learning how to paint watercolor flowers in a loose impressionist style.

We'll go over the basics of painting with watercolor & you'll learn how to mix your own paint to get gorgeous & realistic colors. 

No experience is needed & all you need to bring is yourself!