GATHER & MILL is proud to host some of the most talented creative instructors in their respective field.

With workshops aimed for people of all ages and levels of experience, you're guaranteed to walk away from our classes feeling inspired and well-informed.  Please click on the descriptions below to book your workshop space today!

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Introduction to Fermentation: Sauerkraut  Workshop

Saturday 3/30 12:00-1:00pm $15

Hosted by Sienna Orlando

Your ancestors have been preserving food through fermentation for thousands of years! In this hands-on workshop, we will start by talking about the process of fermentation, then get a little squishy over bowls of cabbage and salt. Each participant will take home their own jar of sauerkraut to finish fermenting at home - we will be making a beautiful and healthful golden kraut with turmeric.

Brining + Probiotic.jpg

Fermentation Workshop: Brining Method + Simple Probiotic Drinks

Saturday 3/30 1:00-2:00pm $12

Hosted by Sienna Orlando

Looking to ferment beyond sauerkraut? In this fun, one-hour workshop, we will learn how to ferment larger vegetable like carrots and cucumbers, and make a simple probiotic punch. Learn tricks for keeping your cucumber pickles crunchy, and how to make a refreshing effervescent punch that ferments in just a few days. Take advantage of seasonal produce with these delicious and healthful recipes!

Origami Bag.jpg

Hand-stitched Origami Bag Workshop

Sunday 3/31 1:00-4:00pm $65

Hosted by Kathy Sward

In this fun DIY class we’ll make a bag to take home, along with the skills to make more, using your own choice of fabrics. Kathy will teach you a couple of stitches to use with this project. Pre-cut-to-size blue denim will be provided for this project, your color choice of sashiko thread and needle, needle threader and instructions for making the bag and sketches for how to make the stitches to continue at home or make more.  

Boro Coasters.jpg

Hand-stitched "Boro" Coaster Set Workshop

Sunday 5/5 1-4pm $45

Hosted by Kathy Sward

In Japanese, Boro refers to rags; traditionally, items like quilts, clothes, futon covers etc. weren’t thrown away when they were worn out or torn - they were patched over and over again until sometimes the item was nothing but a rag, but actually a beautiful item was the result. 
All materials provided to make 2 coasters; including pre-cut fabric is for the front and the back of the coasters as well as little patches and sashiko threads to stitch on top to imitate a beautiful piece of boro.

Wool Felted Scarf.jpg

Wet Felting Workshop - Felted Wool Scarf

Saturday 4/13 10-3pm $110

Hosted by Terry Shearn

Participants will learn the magical technique of wet felting wool roving to create a unique and beautiful wool felted scarf. We will learn how to lay out the wool, add embellishments and extend your design from the edge. We will also cover how to add “holes”, crisscross, leaf off edges and braided design element to create a unique design all your own. This is an excellent workshop to get the full feel of the wet felting technique.

Silk Botanical Scarf.jpg

Intro to Botanical Printing & Dyeing Workshop - Silk Scarf + Table Mat

Saturday 5/18 10-5pm $160

Hosted by Terry Shearn

This workshop is an introduction to the use of plant material for dyeing and printing on fabric. Throughout the workshop we will discuss mordants, fabrics and techniques. We will use several different methods and students will create a botanically printed silk scarf and table mats on wool. There are so many ways to incorporate botanical dyeing into your artwork, we will discuss this as well. Bring your imagination!




Holiday Wreath Making Workshop

with Heidi Zacher

Pistil Annie’s Flower Truck

"Evening Stroll" Painting UR Way

“Evening Stroll” Painting Workshop

with Kathi Whal

Painting UR Way


Intro to Weaving Workshop

with Cassidy Fisher

The Northern Craft