What It Means To Be a Creative

Hey friends,

Recently, we were asked to be a part of a photo shoot with Honeybook and The Rising Tide Society as part of their collaborative re-branding (you might have seen our behind-the-scenes images from Katie a couple months back) but we were so excited to get the final images from Kat Alves this week, which turned out beautiful! 

It was a real honor being a part of this project, and work with such a fabulous team, whom share the same sentiments of community we are committed to.  As part of their re-launch, we were asked to talk about what it means to be a creative & support the creative community.  Since we own separate creative businesses, as well as GATHER & MILL together, we share multiple views on the subject and would love to recollect and elaborate on our thoughts...

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For Erica, who also owns and runs Tin Roof Farmhouse full-time, being a creative "means EVERYTHING!!!"  She continues, "I definitely feel I've found my way home starting my own business, sharing what I love with others to make their wedding day or event a true reflection of themselves & their vision. I love bringing authenticity to the wedding industry through pieces that have stories to tell.  Sourcing & styling my collections is what makes me happy!  And finding an industry & community that supports this has been truly amazing!  I'm thrilled to be a part of this network."

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For Katie, who also owns Katie White Photography, being a creative is a responsibility that ignites her passions in a way nothing else can really compare.  She says, "I could go on forever about the personal meanings behind capturing love and life on my camera, and what a huge honor it is that people trust me in those ways.  I'm a deep-feeling person who sometimes gets lost in expressing how I view the world around me, but photography allows me the opportunity to focus on the beauties of life, while connecting with others; I'm able to reveal the best parts of myself that I normally would feel too vulnerable to share.  To me, that's what makes being a creative so unique and amazing...  I feel very lucky to be a part of the creative community, I'm in good company."

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The fact that we were creatives separately before bringing our visions together for GATHER & MILL was a huge stepping stone for launching the space we share.  We both feel that getting the chance to curate a shop full of talented artisans is a dream come true because we get to support other people's dreams & livelihoods.  In a time where walls are being built, we want to be the bridge builders.  We want our space to reflect creativity, love and collaboration.  We don't just want to preach ideals, but manifest real community connections.  That's why, when you come into our space, we hope you will leave feeling welcomed and inspired.

Katie White & Erica Henderson

All photos by Kat Alves